Exterior pictures

Front and side views of the home for rent in Arlington, VA.  Sunny front yard and shaded backyard.  Great fall colors in these photos from mid-November.  Wide, level, lightly traveled street.  Full sidewalks are great for kids learning to bike and for the walk to Jamestown Elementary school.

Winter views of the front of the house with the mature backyard trees (the large Pin Oak was recognized as an Arlington Notable Tree in April 2014).

The side entrance is next to the driveway with plantings to each side and the fenced backyard.

Side door planting bed

Screened porch opens to shaded backyard and patio.

Landscape wall and plantings in backyard.

Backyard, looking left in SpringBackyard, looking right in Spring

Winter view of backyard play set shows swings, slide, climbing ladder, seats and canopied platform.

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  1. Carol W Wayne says:

    Looks very inviting!

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